Finger Monster

$8.00 On Sale

What 80s and 90s kids party didn't have a bunch of these little dudes as favors!? Is it possible to go to an arcade or party place and not be able to trade in your hard earned tickets for one in the color of your choice? I don't think so!

Our monsters are soft enamel, silver plated metal with two posts and rubber clutches. They are stamped with our logo on the back. Each color is done with transparent enamel to mimic the see-through plastic look of the real life monsters.

Relive your childhood skeeball/wack-a-mole days with one of our Finger Monster pins! Choose your favorite color and wear him with pride! All the other kids will surely be jealous!

Want all six colors? We have a special of 6 for the price of 5! Rejoice, all you completionists!