Heck Priest Enamel Pin

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"We have such sights to show you"

Puzzle box enthusiasts cover your faces and watch out for flying hooks, our "Heck Priest" pin is coming for you and your skin! We have two versions of this pin to torture you with, original and glow in the dark. Glow is a limited edition of only 20 pins! Get ready for some pain and pleasure over choosing which version to buy. Please be fair to other buyers, and if you choose our glow version, limit yourself to one. Thank you!

This pin is 2" tall, made from soft enamel with two posts and rubber clutches. It's stamped with our logo on the back. The main part of the pin is coated black metal, while the lament configuration is a separate gold plated piece that is hand mounted by us!

Each pin comes with a set of 6 Pseudo Ludo original vintage style trading cards and specialty packaging.

More pictures will be coming soon. For behind the scenes and progress pictures, check us out on Instagram @Pseudo_ Ludo