Ikebana Pin Set - PRE-SALE

$30.00 Coming Soon

***This is a PRE-SALE starting March 10, 2017! This set does not have an official shipping date yet. We will announce the date as soon as possible on our Instagram page.***

Who doesn't love a spooky story? We at Pseudo Ludo live for them and wanted to see how we would do if we wrote some of our own! The Ikebana set will be the first in what will hopefully be a series of pin and story combo sets. These are the first two characters in the story. Want to know what it's all about? You will have to get a set and see for yourself!

Ikebana is a limited set of 50. These pins are 2" tall and made of hard enamel on nickle metal. They have double posts with rubber clutches and will have the Pseudo Ludo logo stamped on the back.

The set will also include our first ghost story, written, illustrated and bound by us! Light a candle, snuggle on the couch and get ready to be spooked!