Deathly Darlings Series One- Original


Every ghoul has as story to tell, and these darlings are no exception! Meet our DEATHLY DARLINGS, Hangmaiden Hilda, Mia the Monster, Mournin' Missy, Arach-Nadine, Wanda the White Witch and Bloodsuckin' Betty. Each darling is fierce and beautiful in her own amazing way. Meet our ghouls and see what they're all about.

These pins are approximately 2" tall, made of black nickle hard enamel, with double posts and rubber clutches. They have our signature Pseudo Ludo back stamp as well. Each Darling will come with their own little story, written by Monstro, so you can get to know each of these lovelies a little better.

Inside every darling everywhere is a strong, smart, and beautiful woman. Don't be afraid to know and love her! Ghoul Power Forever!