Kirlian Hand Enamel Pin


"Overly-Paranoid Alien Enthusiast, it's me..."

Creature of the week and alien lovers, rejoice! This pin is for those of us out there (who also happen to be "out there") that obsess over that one 90's show, that thankfully is making a comeback! You know, the one with the small, skeptical red-head in the giant suits, and that spooky dude who's always eating sunflower seeds while reading porn, and that old guy who goes through practically a carton a day? What's up with that one red spot on the finger anyway?!!?!?!?

This pin is a 1.5" x 1"soft enamel pin and comes in a mini X-file! You will receive one of 4 folders; Eugene Tooms, Ronnie Strickland, Flukeman, or Jose Chung's From Outerspace.

So while the "government denies knowledge" you can wear this rad pin and know those strange, hovering lights in the sky ain't no weather balloons!