About Us

Pseudo Ludo is a New Jersey/New York based company started by Pam Bowman and Jorge "Monstro" Garcia so they could explore their love of pop culture as well as art.  

Monstro is a cartoonist/illustrator by trade, grumpy robot by circumstance, and craft beer enthusiast by choice.

Pam is an illustrator and avid crafter.  She has an almost unhealthy obsession with chocolate and laughs about everything, sometimes even when it's not appropriate.  

Together they are an artistic monster that can dream up, create and deliver whatever weirdo ideas they come up with.  Their apartment is filled with toys and tchotchkes, mostly of the horror and batman variety.  Inhabiting the apartment with them are two crazy turtles, and one insanely adorable alien cat whose cuteness prevents them from getting most everything done.  

We hope you like what we do, and that you stick around to see what kind of rad shit we make in the future!  -Pam and Monstro

:0P + '_>' = <3