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How much is the cost of shipping?


Occasionally an item will have a slightly different shipping cost due to excess weight.


How quickly do you ship items?

If an item is in stock (not a pre-order) we try to ship your purchase the next day or the day after.  On some occasions, we will ship three days after an order, but that's pretty rare.



Can I return an item/ get a refund?


We only accept returns or give refunds if an item is damaged or defective.  Please message us with issues within 30 days of purchase.  


I purchased one of your handmade pins.  If there is an issue with it, will you repair it? 

Absolutely! Since these pins are made by our own hands, we understand that sometimes something can go wrong.  If a handmade pin was handled with care, but got damaged, we will fix it for you.  Please email us with a photo of the pin and we would be more than happy to repair it!


Why can't I buy more than one of your handmade pins? 

We only allow one handmade pin per customer because they are made in extremely limited quantities.  We would like to give all of our customers a fair chance to purchase such a limited item.  From time to time, there may be a handmade pin that we allow you to purchase as many as you like, but we would be sure to mention that in the item description.


I really like your artwork, do you guys take commissions? 

Yes we do! As long as we have the time to do a custom piece for you, we will do it! Price will vary based on the size and type of piece you would like.  Just message us with an idea of what you want, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!