"Bad Dream at 240,000 Inches" Handmade Fuzzy Pin

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"There's a man out there...or a...a...gremlin or whatever...."


Here at Pseudo Ludo we love our Sci-fi! Especially those vintage black and white TV episodes with the great voice over and crazy story every week. When we decided to do the "gremlin" we knew we had to do something special and different!

Every piece, from packaging to pin, was made completely by us! We drew, cut, sanded, glued, sprayed, folded, signed, and flocked it all by hand! Even the flocking was made from scratch, so touch that fuzzy gremlin and enjoy!

This is an extremely limited edition of only 13 pins! Get them while you can, because you may never see these again.

***Only one per customer, please!***

Due to the nature of this pins packaging, we cannot ship it outside of the US.