PRE-ORDER Tall Dude Enamel Pin

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"You think when you die, you go to heaven. You come to us!"

Cover your foreheads kids, cause these spheres have spikes! Our "Tall Dude" pin is an homage to the late, great Angus Scrimm and that awesome series about death, dwarves, aliens and ice cream! Show your love of those blood shooting floating spheres and that irresistible, vertically imposing body snatching alien with this one!

This pin is 2" tall, made from soft enamel with two posts and rubber clutches. It's stamped with our logo on the back. The main part of the pin is coated black metal, while the sphere floating above his hand is a separate silver plated piece that is hand mounted by us!

Each pin comes with a set of 6 Pseudo Ludo original vintage style trading cards and specialty packaging.