3D Di Di Ma Ma Ma Pin

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"Give me something to scream about..."

Who wouldn't want to see a machete-wielding mama's boy coming right at em?! This camp counselor's nightmare is our second handmade pin and it is 3D! (While wearing anaglyphic glasses of course!)

This pin is 1.5"x.75" with double posts, rubber clutches, and are hand signed. To keep your pin in its best condition, try to keep it out of the rain and off of items where it might get over-handled. If anything should happen to your pin, let us know and we will fix it or replace it in most cases.

When you order you will receive the handmade pin, 3D glasses, a mini 3D print and a bag of organic popcorn for optimal viewing pleasure. So pop that corn, grab your favorite guy or gal and get ready, because Mrs. V's little boy is headed your way.