Dual Summits Individual Pins

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"My log saw something that night."

Who out there doesn't love curling up in front of the tv with a damn fine cup of coffee and a piece of gorgeous pie while they re-examine the case of who killed that one stunning, yet troubled, young teen. We sure do, and so we bring you Series One of our Dual Summits collection!! Pick one of 10 of your favorite characters to adorn your lapel, bag or that giant cork board on your wall. Each pin can be purchased on their own, aside from the "Otherworldy Duo" who come as a set. We are making 15 of each character for our first run, and depending on popularity, characters may or may not come back. Want em all? Head over to our other listing and get yourself one of our Doughnut Box Sets!

Each pin is made of a slice of real wood in varying sizes around 1" to 2" (depending on the character) and coated in a strong glossy resin. They have double posts and will come with rubber and butterfly clutches. These pins are handmade out of natural materials, so no two are exactly alike. Since they are coated in resin, they should be waterproof. Accidents do happen sometimes, so be careful when wearing these pins in the rain. Do your best not to leave them face down because they can become scratched if you aren't careful.

These pins will take 1-2 weeks to make and ship. Thank you all! <3

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